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More Cloud Walking with Saucony Hurricane ISO

Saucony Hurricane

A few weeks ago I was blown away by Saucony’s Triumphs.  I could not believe how comfortable they were and so now, trying the Saucony Hurricane ISOs, I expected them to be awesome, but still I’m amazed by the comfort level.  I think the Triumph is supposed to be Saucony’s cushiest shoe, but I’m finding these to be every bit as comfortable, and I like the gunmetal gray and purple color scheme better (they come in other colors too).  If you need a little extra arch support, these shoes are a dream.

They are very light weight and perfect for travel. I can walk all day long in these and my feet don’t get sore at all. You don’t get that foot fatigue that makes you want to stop.  Like the Triumphs, they make me want to go and go. They are ventilated and wonderful for your summer travels. I needed to go up a half a size with this one to create more room in the toe box, though they are supposed to run true to size, so results may vary. Find them HERE.