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SmartWool Next To Skin Micro 150 Tee


Smartwool’s Next To Skin Micro 150 Tee is a great base layer for spring travel and a real staple for your travel wardrobe.  When it’s cold it will add that layer of warmth to keep you cozy and when it gets warm, it stands alone as a tee. I love this Liberty color which is a cobalt blue-purple and both energizing and soothing all at once. The 150 weight is thin and versatile–a must have.

That wool layer helps to regulate body temperature, wicking sweat away from your skin and keeping you warm. Wool doesn’t hold odor, making it perfect for travel. Smartwool’s Next To Skin pieces are among my favorite articles of clothing because they are soft and you don’t get that twinge of itch that can come with wool. Find the Smartwool Next to Skin Micro 150 Tee HERE.