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Soen TRANSIT XS Travel Speaker

Soen Transit XS Travel Speaker

Look at this gorgeous white speaker. If you have the white iPhone, the Soen TRANSIT XS Travel Speaker is a perfect match. It’s so pretty. It’s the same length as the 6+ and side by side, they look beautiful together. They come in different colors, but the white is just so sleek. They really nailed the design aspect of this speaker, it’s elegant and modern.

The Transit XS comes with a clip and wrist strap like the ones you find on cameras. So you can clip it to your backpack or handlebars. You can also attach your small tripod and secure the speaker to a tree branch or tent pole, which makes it great for the campsite, hammocking, etc. It’s not water resistant, so you wouldn’t want this out in the rain, but these are nice extras for a travel speaker. Keep in mind that the waterproof speakers are substantially heavier, so if you don’t need that feature, something light like this is preferable for your carryon.

Sound is crisp and clear–podcasts sound awesome, but there’s not a whole lot of bass, and it doesn’t get super loud. The speaker is very small and not akin to a boom box, but for its size, I think it sounds good. Pairing was a piece of cake, it just takes a couple of seconds. If you get a phone call, the speaker will facilitate that like other bluetooth speakers. Four tiny LED lights indicate battery life, which lasts up to 8 hours.  Around the top and bottom, the speaker is rubberized, which is nice to the touch and keeps it from sliding around. It’s a great all around travel speaker. Find it HERE.