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Cozy Up: Wrap Yourself in a Rumpl Blanket


Want to cozy up around the campfire? Wrap yourself in a Rumpl. They’re cuddly and sturdy enough for your adventures but luxe enough to use at home. That’s the idea, they are completely versatile and meant to use at home and on the go. Made with high quality materials used for outdoor gear and clothing like sleeping bags and winter jackets, the Rumpl is lightweight but substantial. It’s made with DWR rip stop nylon and a synthetic down fill. It feels wonderful to the touch and will have you rethinking your home bedding.


go rumpl blanket


I’m really liking Rumpl’s design sense. They come in some great colors with modern stitching inspired by nature. The pattern looks like waves or wood grain. Rumpl is awesome for households with dogs and kids because it’s tough and washable. I find it especially wonderful for snuggling up inside the hammock. You know, while it’s still a bit too cool out to be comfortable in the hammock? This solves that and makes you feel extra comfy. We also took it camping and used it by the campfire and in the tent. It’s one of those things I could easily see people fighting over, so if you have a big family, you might want more than one. Find the Rumpl HERE.