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Gerber Freescape Lantern

Gerber Freescape Lantern .

Gerber’s Freescape Lantern has my favorite feature in any sort of lighting: a dimmer. How luxurious for camping! It’s a great way to set a mood, but also conserve on battery life. Not only that, but it has a touch feature too. So you can touch it to turn it on, to turn it off, and touch to dim.

It does all that and looks beautiful too, I love the black and neon green. The green really stands out when you turn your headlamp in its direction making it easy to spot amongst gear. There’s  clip at the top to attach to a tree branch easily and quickly. The Gerber Freescape Lantern takes four D-batteries, and a battery indicator in the form of four led lights lets you know how much juice you have left. Don’t you wish all lanterns had these features? Find the Gerber Freescape HERE.