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Pelican Elite 20QT Cooler: Summertime Best Friend

pelican elite 20qt cooler

Meet your new summer cooler. Or at least my summer cooler–but after you learn about how awesome this is, you’ll probably want one too. It’s the Pelican Elite 20QT Cooler and it is the best cooler I’ve ever encountered.

There are several high end coolers out there that really keep contents cold for days, but the Pelican Elite is special because it has a few features the others don’t. The latches for one thing, are easier than the others. There are two sets of comfortable handles so that you can carry it like a basket or two people can carry it with one at each side.  It has a built in bottle opener–no fumbling around looking for a way to open that Hoegaarden. Four integrated cup holders make for a nice little coffee table at camp or at the beach. These well thought out extras make the Pelican Elite superior and it’s less expensive to boot.

Pelican coolers are bear proof and Grizzly certified. Check out this video of a bear trying to get into a Pelican Cooler. Isn’t that cool? So even if you’re not in bear territory, chances are good that your campsite will be visited by little masked bandits. Raccoons won’t be able to get into your food either.

The Pelican Elite 20qt cooler is the perfect size for one or two people.  It’s heavy, but not too heavy for one person to carry and it will hold a good bit of food and drink. For us, it is plenty big enough for a weekend camping trip, and more than enough for a day at the beach.

The plastic is hard and sturdy and seemingly indestructible. And here is something  I really appreciate about these coolers–they come in a rainbow of colors. You can order one from PelicanCoolers in a wide variety of colors (I love the cooling light blue).  If you are shopping around for an excellent cooler for your summer adventures, pick up a Pelican Elite HERE.