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Ahnu Tilden V Shoes

Ahnu Tilden V ShoesLooking for a good shoe that you can wear hiking and kayaking? Check out the Ahnu Tilden V. These have a ton of breathability, so they make a nice summer shoe for active travelers. They’re fully adjustable and light weight. Pack the Tilden V and you won’t have to take along that extra pair of shoes because they are an all-in-one. Dahlia is a fun, energetic purple to help put a little zip in your step.

I need good arch support and shock absorption and when I first put these on, they were so light that I thought they wouldn’t cut it. Wrong. These remind me of the Ahnu Maia in that it is a thinner sole than I’m used to, but the shoes totally pulls off the comfort level. And by the way, those Maias go on all my warm weather trips.  The two would make a nice summer combo. Find the Tilden V HERE.