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Eagle Creek No Matter What Flatbed Duffle AWD

Eagle Creek Flatbed Duffle

The new Eagle Creek No Matter What Flatbed Duffle AWD comes in bright colors like this pretty purple. I love it! There’s no way you’re not going to see this bag on the baggage carousel, and it comes in a 28-inch and two carryon sizes as well, a 20-inch and 22-inch. Normally, I carry on. But there are times you need to check a bag. Better make sure it’s durable.

Abrasion resistant water repellent fabric is tough and made to withstand weather and a whole lot of schlepping. And speaking of schlepping–my favorite thing about this suitcase is that it’s AWD. This means four beefy wheels that glide along easily. You can still tip it and tow it like a two wheel bag behind you. But I have found that over time, this can cause an achy lower back. The four wheels eliminates this and just gives you that option for an easier time of it. I really never want to go back to the two wheel bags again after experiencing four.

The Flatbed Duffle loads a little differently. It’s like a duffle bag-suitcase hybrid. It doesn’t open like a clam shell with storage on both sides, it unzips with a soft top, and there is a ton of open space inside, in one large compartment. Eagle Creek’s Specter Packing Cubes work particularly well with this. It’s lockable and has side straps to really keep it together when it’s going through baggage belts and carts. On the carry-ons, there is a top panel for your toiletries. A handle tray, runners and bumpers also protect the bag–it’s not going to fall apart on you. But if it did, like all EC bags, it’s backed by the No Matter What Guarantee, so you basically have a bag for life.

They come in Cobalt, Black and Grape, and I usually go for sleek Black, but if I’m checking bags, I like to have something to stand out. If you are traveling in a family, you can color code. Bottom line: it’s a comfortable bag with a lot of open space that can accommodate things like bulky sports gear or toys. Find the Eagle Creek No Matter What Flatbed Duffle AWD HERE.