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Elgato Avea Light Bulb

Elgato Avea

Can’t go check out the Northern Lights this year? Here’s a light bulb that can put them in your living room. The Elgato Avea Light Bulb is an LED bulb that changes color schemes and mood and you control it from your smart phone.

Okay, so it doesn’t look like the actual Northern Lights, but your room is filled with blue and green light and it’s very cool. They have several theme options, like Cherry Blossom, which has pink hues, Mountain Breeze which are blues, and my favorites, Cozy Flames and Magic Hour. The warm Flame is soothing and flickers just a little to hint fire while Magic Hour glows with pinks, reds and orange, like a sunset.

I think they will be updating their app to allow you to program when the lights go on and off which will be wonderful for travelers. For now it’s an intriguing decor option for the home and I think it’s a great gift for travelers. Find it HERE.