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Outdoor Technology Buckshot Pro


buckshot pro

Here is a three-for-one camping, cycling and travel accessory for your backpack. Outdoor Technology’s Buckshot Pro functions as a wireless bluetooth speaker, flashlight, and power bank for charging your phone. You can even strap it to your handle bars with the included tiny bungee strap and use it as a bike light/speaker system. If you find yourself in traffic needing a safety light, or an extra one, the Buckshot Pro has a strobe feature. The light is on one end, and the speaker is opposite.

It’s got a ten hour battery life and is great for camping trips and kids’ sleepovers as well as travel. It doesn’t have the robust sound of the Turtle Shell, but it’s not really made for that. If you’re commuting on your bike and want to listen to a podcast, this is a good fit, and also for playing music as long as you’re not expecting Turtle Shell quality. Ditto for kids wanting to play tunes from their iPods. My ten year old commandeered it immediately, fascinated that it was a flashlight and a speaker, the brilliant Bigfoot Logo adding to the enticement. It’s water and shock resistant, so I didn’t have to worry about damage.

Bright color options make it easy to find amongst gear and it’s nice for color coding if you’re in a family with more than one Buckshot Pro. It’s rubbery and textured to the touch, making it easy to grip. This thing is not going to slip out of your hand in the rain. Find it HERE.