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Hammock Bliss Ultralight Travel Daypack

hammock bliss ultralight daypack

I always travel with some sort of extra ultralight bag or pack because more often than not, I need it. For excursions, trips to the market, and all sorts of unexpectedness. They’re so small that if they go unused, no real loss of space happens in my suitcase. The Hammock Bliss Ultralight Travel Daypack is a great option and you know what else I love it for? Day trips right here at home, to the park with our hammocks.

I’m surprised all hammock companies don’t offer something like this because it’s so handy for your hammocks and tree straps (and snacks, reading material, sunscreen, etc.), and it keeps the weight down in line with the lightness of the hammocks. You can keep it packed up and ready to go in your car for impromptu hammocking.

It packs down to a ball smaller than a Nalgene, stuffing into its own built in stuff pocket.  You can get more bare bones than this with other ultralight daypacks, but I like the extra features you get here with the 5.3 ounce Hammock Bliss version. Like the side pockets for water bottles and things you need to be able to get to easily, and the inner zip pouch for little things like keys and credit cards. Reinforced seams and water resistant material help make this bag durable, though it loads from the top and does not offer a whole lot of protection from heavy rain. Find the Hammock Bliss Ultralight Travel Daypack HERE.