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Keen TyreTread Boots

keen tyretread boot 2

Wow, check out this awesome boot for fall. The KEEN TyreTread Boots hit that sweet spot and are not too short or too high, or too hot to wear like winter boots, but still give you that boot-satisfaction. You know what I mean? The first leaf I see floating in the air and I want my sweaters and boots.

Keen’s TyreTread is comfortable enough to walk all day in a new city, but looks sharp and pulled together. They’re casual and a little dressy at the same time, it’s all about what you pair them with. They look nice with dresses, jeans and you know what else the TyreTread looks good with? Those slouchy jogger pants everyone is wearing right now. I think they’re a little cowgirl and a little metropolitan. They come in three different colors, but I always end up settling on black. Find Keen TyreTread Boots HERE.