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Bear Paw Demi Boots

bear paw demi

OMG how have I been surviving winters without these awesome Bear Paw Demi Boots? My feet are always cold in the winter. And once they get to that point where they are like popsicles, the only way to warm them up is with a hot shower. Well that’s not going to happen with these. The Bear Paw Demi Boots are warm and toasty, but since they are “demi” and short, you can start wearing them now without getting too hot. At least I am.

Mine are black–I almost always go for black because it coordinates with all my stuff the easiest and travels well. They are really cute (cuter in person than in the above picture) and versatile and slip on and off with ease (think airports). I’ve never had shearling boots before and can’t believe how well they work for keeping my feet comfortable. I’ve read you are supposed to size down with this type of boot, but I did not, and went with my usual size 9. It’s a perfect fit. The only thing I might caution you about is to be sure to have another type of footwear with you, even if it’s flip flops, because these babies get really really warm!  Find the Bear Paw Demi Boots HERE.