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Healthy Travel Snack: Veggie Go’s

veggie gos

I’m always on the lookout for TSA friendly snacks that are healthy. Traveling can be tiring and it’s a good idea to have something on hand for a quick pick-me-up.  And if you have kids, it’s a must. My ten year old loves fruit leather, so when I saw Veggie Go’s, I thought right away that they would be a hit. When he saw ingredients like Spinach and Kale on the label, he was reluctant to try it, but guess what? I only got to taste the Mango & Kiwi Kale Veggie Go, because the others disappeared before I could get to them. He said they were great and wanted me to buy more.

Veggie Go’s are certified Organic, full of pure fruit and veggies, and delicious. They offer 1/2 serving of fruit and 1/2 serving of vegetables per package. Find them HERE.