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Belkin Global Travel Kit

belkin global travel kit

Going out of country? Then you probably need an adapter to charge your devices. I like the adapters that feature a main piece with interchangeable attachments for the plugs that go into the wall. That way, you have options and you can take only what you need, which is handy when you are visiting more than one country, each with it’s own outlet shape.¬†The Belkin Global Travel Kit is one such charger.

See how it works? Individual plugs for each country snap onto the back of the main piece. I’ve tried several of these and I like the way the Belkin works easily. There’s no struggle whatsoever when you go to take off one plug and exchange for another.

The Belkin Global Travel Kit offers 6 plug formats for connectivity from Malaysia, to North America, UK, Australia, China, India, continental Europe and the Middle East. Find it HERE.