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Emu Tasman Mini Boots are Waterproof

emu tasman miniThe deal killer with sheepskin boots for me was always that they weren’t waterproof. I live in a rainy climate and it didn’t make sense to me. Soggy suede did not appeal. Well check this out–there’e such a thing as waterproof sheepskin boots. The Emu Tasman Mini is one such boot.

The Tasman Minis are not bulky at all. They don’t have the look of other sheepskin boots, these are more metropolitan and probably more versatile. The short height of the boot makes them wearable when it’s not completely freezing out, and won’t make you feel too hot. They slip on and off with ease, so go ahead and wear them to the airport.

I’ve worn these in rain and nasty wet weather and they held up as promised. They still look new, no water marks whatsoever. I went with my usual size, 9, and they feel perfect. I know some people size down (and up) with sheepskin, but this is what worked best for me. I’d wear these with jeans, snow pants, dressier pants and joggers. Find the Emu Tasman Mini Boot HERE.