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Eco Friendly Oliberté Shasa Shoe


Did you know there was such a thing as free range shoes? Oliberté has got to be the most eco friendly shoe brand on earth. It’s the only shoe that comes from the world’s first Fair Trade Certified factory and they use premium cow and goat leather from free range hormone free animals. I love this. Everything is sourced locally in Africa and as naturally as possible.

The rubber, for instance, is natural rubber. Oliberté creates a win-win situation for everyone. The consumer gets quality shoes that are gorgeous and extremely well made, and employees and the environment benefit from responsible production supporting workers rights in sub Saharan Africa. It’s a model company that I hope is inspiring more–imagine if all our goods were created with this level of responsibility?

Meanwhile, the shoes themselves (I’m trying out the Oliberté Shasa Shoe) are beautiful. These are great for travel because they are easy on-easy off and can be dressed up or down. I think they run a little short, so I haven’t minded too much that my ten year old has absconded with them. They’re cool looking, I don’t blame him. “These are nice and flat on the bottom,” he said, “they’re perfect for skateboarding.” I’m hoping he breaks them in for me and by the time he grows out of them, I can have them back. They’re that well made that I’m thinking they can handle being worn by both of us. Find these wonderful shoes HERE.