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Sound+Sleep MINI

sound+sleep mini

Do you have a hard time sleeping when you travel? I’m a serious insomniac whether I’m in a hotel or at home, and a huge fan of white noise. At home, I sleep with a fan. When I’m staying at a hotel, my trick is to turn on the air-conditioning fan to high and hope it generates enough sound to lull me to sleep. It usually works, but not always. Enter the Sound+Sleep MINI sound machine.

Now, when your neighbor fills an ice bucket at 2:00 in the morning, you can drown that noise out with sounds of the ocean, a babbling brook, a crackling fireplace, or rain. It comes in black or white. ┬áThe white is sleek and pretty and shaped a little like a teardrop. It’s compatible with smart phones, (thought not bluetooth) and comes with the plug for the wall and for the phone.

Now, for a minimalist like me, is it worth it to pack it? I normally carry on, so I would probably have to be going somewhere I know will be challenging sleep-wise to pack it. However, if I’m checking a bag, and sometimes I do, then it’s worth it. Note that I’m a little extreme when packing and take the bare minimum. Note also that sleep is more important to me than food, so for me it is a more than worthy item.

If you have kids, I think it could be worth its weight in gold. My son is 10 and is usually so worn out by our adventures when we’re traveling that sleep is not an issue. But the second this arrived at our house, he snagged it and took it to his room. He loves it and it really works to get him to sleep earlier. I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to get it back, nor that I want to since it is so effective for him. Find it HERE.