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Traveler’s Choice Captain Thunderbolt


You know I love color. I may wear a lot of black, gray and white on my body, but I love to be surrounded by bold colors.  And I appreciate it when color has a practical application in travel, like brightly colored luggage. Look at this fabulous Traveler’s Choice Captain Thunderbolt Spinner Suitcase. Wow!

A lightening bolt (chevron-ish) pattern in red, blue, purple and yellow. It’s an energizing design, you can’t look at this and not feel excited. It’s fun and looks great, but it has some great practical features too. It’s expandable to accommodate anything you might pick up on your trip. The pretty bright orange interior has handy zippered compartments for organization as well as compression straps.

The expandable zipper pull is different from the zipper pulls that open the main compartment–this little thing is super helpful. I can’t count how many times I’ve grabbed the wrong zipper on expandable suitcases. And last, it’s a spinner with four wheels and I have learned this makes all the difference in the world on your back when you’re schlepping your luggage through the airport. Wheels glide easily and the handle feels sturdy.

Brightly colored stuff gets stolen a lot less, no one is going to try to walk away with this bad boy. Also, you’ll see it the second it hits the conveyor belt at baggage claim. If you need a new suitcase for upcoming holiday travel, have a look at Captain Thunderbolt. Find it HERE.

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  1. Wow, I love the design of this suitcase, must have!!!