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Ahnu Fairfax Shoe

ahnu fairfax shoe

The Ahnu Fairfax is a shoe-boot hybrid. It’s perfect for when you don’t need a full-on hiking boot, but want a little more support than a loafer or slide, the Ahnu Fairfax hits the sweet spot. This shoe has nice arch support, is waterproof, comfortable, and light weight–all great attributes for a travel shoe to have. Even better, they go from the city to the woods just fine.

Sizing is true, I am technically an 8.5 according to the shoe measurer at REI, but it’s rare I actually take that size. I’ve learned to always get 9s and that’s what works best with these Ahnus too. It’s always best to have some room at the toe, you never want your toe to be up against the tip of the shoe. These shoes are appropriate for walking around a city all day, or hitting decently groomed trails. Great versatility here.¬†Find the Ahnu Fairfax Shoe¬†on the website.