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Belkin Lightning to USB Tassel

Belkin Lightening to USB Tassel

You know those moments when you are almost out of juice on your iPhone–that tiny little bit of panic because it alway seems to happen when you need it most? Not to worry, you have that external battery pack! Oh, but guess what? You don’t have the cord. Here’s a solution to that. The Belkin Lightning to USB Tassel clips to your purse and offers instant access to that cord you need in a pinch.

Interesting idea, right? Clip this to your overnight bag and forget about it. It’s there when you need it, tangle free and ready to go. The cord is always where I get in trouble. I can remember the charging stick every time, but somehow the cord… The Belkin Lightning to USB Tassel is leather and comes in different colors. Of course my favorite is black and it matches my black leather cross body and totes perfectly. Find it HERE.