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Bushnell Spectator Sport Binoculars

bushell spectator sport binoculars 2

Bushnell Spectator Sport Binoculars are small, compact binoculars that work for travel and adventure. Go from 5x wide view to a 10x close-up with ease. I’m not a sports person, but I’m a camper. And I love to be able to get a close-up look at wildlife or see what is across the lake, etc. They are also appropriate for travel and would be awesome on a river cruise or train trip. I wish I’d had these when I was on the Rocky Mountaineer so that I could have seen that bear more clearly.

bushnell spectator sport binoculars

They have a wide field of view, and are easy to adjust and focus. Rubber armor gives them a solid feel in your hand and provides some protection. You can adjust the eye cups by pulling them upwards. The binoculars come with a carry case and with a rubbery lens cover. With that cover, I feel more comfortable putting the binoculars directly into my backpack to save space.

You know what? I have been fascinated by binoculars since I was a kid. Everyone should have a pair, they come in so handy for adventure and urban travel. Find the Bushnell Spectator Sport Binoculars HERE.