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Gerber Dime Travel: TSA Friendly Multitool

Gerber Dime Travel

The Gerber Dime Travel is a TSA friendly Multitool perfect for travel, and especially when you only carry on. There are no blades. It has needle nose pliers, wire cutters, screwdrivers, scissors, file, tweezer, bottle opener and zipper hook. The zipper hook can save your butt when the lock on your luggage breaks.

This might be a nice entry multi-tool for an older kid. When I was a child, we all had pocket knives (even the girls). Nowadays, it’s not so common. This is a great alternative (obviously check the rules as it still may not be appropriate for school). The Gerber Dime would make a fun stocking stuffer for someone of any age.¬†Find it HERE.



  1. The illustrated Gerber Dime is not TSA Friendly, it has a knife blade. There is however a Gerber Dime Travel, which appears to be the tool you are describing in the text.

    • Thanks jnwood53! Yes, the Dime Travel is what I meant. All fixed now, thank you for the correction.