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Kodak Video Monitor

Kodak Video Monitor

Do you ever wish you could see what was going on at your house while you’re traveling? With the Kodak Video Monitor you can. It couldn’t be easier to set up. I had it going within about five minutes. You just plug it in, download the iSecurity app, click through the instructions on your phone via the app, switch the camera on and voila!

My house is open concept and I can see most of my downstairs with this camera. It would be nice if I could swivel the camera from my phone to adjust what I’m looking at. A zoom feature would be awesome too. But for a basic (and very affordable) home security camera, I think this is excellent. Especially for people who like things to be as simple as possible (me). The no nonsense set-up makes this a great choice for those who aren’t techno geeks. It’s plug and play.

Now I can watch my dog when I’m not home. I can see if the lights are on, and I can even see what’s going on at night because the camera has night vision. It offers real time motion triggered notifications to your cell phone. There are extras you can purchase, like storage space in the cloud, but I think it is worthwhile as is. ¬†Find the Kodak Video Monitor¬†HERE.

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  1. I need this. Good idea for when we are out of town. Probably need more than one tho.