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Up and Away Passport Holder

Up and away passport holder rainbow

Do you travel internationally with your family and need a way to keep up with all the different passports? In all the hustle and bustle of travel, things can get disorganized fast, and it’s a bad feeling to be fumbling around in the customs line not knowing where all the passports are.

Up and Away Passport Holders solve this problem with style. Tiny bungees on the inside hold each passport in place. They come in fabulous bright colors and two different sizes: one that holds three passports and one that holds five.

up and away passport holder

The passport holder comes in a  beautiful box and makes a great presentation. I think this would be a wonderful gift for families that travel. You can customize the lining–mine is a pretty French grey with a geometric pattern. On the front is a cute little silver hot air balloon logo. I was thrilled to find it’s smaller than I expected and fits your passport perfectly without a lot of extra space or bulk.

It’s light weight, but quality. The smaller and lighter the better as far as I’m concerned. An extra snap accommodates buldge should you have a lot of documents. Four slots on the left hold credit cards and there is a sleeve on the right for tickets. Beautiful design. Find the Up and Away Passport Holder HERE.