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High Sierra AT8 Wheeled Duffel Bags

high sierra at8 wheeled duffelHigh Sierra offers affordable, well made outdoor gear. Check out the AT8 Series of Wheeled Duffels. These are heavy duty duffels appropriate for adventure travel and camping. It’s nice to have a couple different sizes–one for clothing and one for gear. The 34-inch is cavernous and perfect for gear like ski boots and heavy coats or camping supplies. An accessible¬†large U-shaped opening at the top makes it easy to pack with a ton of stuff.

Quality is right up there with some of the more expensive brands, but these are about half the price. They are impressive in person. Features like a luxurious gel grip on the handle, beefy zippers, and bright fluorescent accents that help you spot your bag are all great looking and functional. Storage compartments are well thought out and grab handles make the bags easy to lug around. Wheels are tough. These bags come in multiple sizes and are an excellent value. Find the High Sierra AT8 Series HERE.