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Dry Guy Boot and Glove Dryer Force Dry DX


How many times have you had to wait forever to go back outside and play in the snow because your gloves and boots were wet from the first round? If you have kids, especially, I’m betting a bunch. They come inside from snow play soaked, but after a PB&J they are ready to go again, and if you don’t have extras, the party is over. Enter Dry Guy. Throw garments not he machine and while they’re taking a nap or warming up with lunch, their stuff is getting dry.

Even if you don’t have snow, if you live in a rainy climate, this is a great tool to have on hand. When we get home from hiking in the Pacific Northwest, we are often soggy. Even walks around town and playing at the park, with kids can get messy. And I love telling my son, “Go ahead and jump in the puddles.” It’s fun to play in the rain too. If you’re not having fun–maybe you’re out working in the yard, gardening or whatnot. I can see a ton of applications for this.

It works by forcing air up the tubes into the boots and gloves. Depending on how wet they re, within 1-2 hours, via timed forced 105 degree air, you are back in business. It will not harm or shrink your stuff, and by getting them dry right away, you avoid the growth of bacteria and fungus. The machine dries two pairs of boots, shoes or gloves. Accessories for helmets, waders and boots are also available. Find the Dry Guy Boot and Glove Dryer Force Dry DX HERE.