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Lander Neve USB-Lightning Cable

Lander Neve Cable

Lander makes the best iPhone lightning-USB cable I’ve come across. I love the reflective Illumaweave cord. How many times I have scrambled looking for a black cord at night or even in the day and couldn’t find it…a lot. This makes it perfect for camping–shine your flashlight around and it will pop right out at you. It comes in red and black–I like the red because it’s so easy to find. Even in my house, I have a sea of black cords and appreciate color. But the  reflectivity takes the cake and makes me wonder why I haven’t seen this before, it’s kind of obvious once you see it–we needed this feature all along.

The cord is flat and tangle free. Think about that for a second: Tangle Free. Plugs on either end are rubbery and easy to grip and there is a center grip to make it easy to wrap up. See where the cord meets the plug? It’s a different design than what we are used to and is meant to address that issue of fraying. I haven’t been using it long enough to vouch for that, but man if they have solved that problem I’m in.

Lander cableIf you want to watch a movie with your friend on the plane, or listen to the same music, Lander’s Neve Auxillary Splitter Cable has the same reflective quality and a nice small plug. That means it fits with my case on.  With the iPad and iPhone, I’ve had cords that forced me to pull off a corner of the case to use it.  Not good. Another thing I like about this splitter is the female end is one piece. My other splitters have two parts on that end adding bulk, this is streamlined and has a much more comfortable interface.

If you get excited about cords and accessories like I do, I think you will love Lander. Check out their website.