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MANDA Organic Sun Paste

manda organic sun paste

Made from eco friendly Thanaka tree bark, MANDA Organic sun paste offers a non toxic, green alternative to other sunscreens on the market. With ingredients like cocoa and coconut oil you can imagine it smells pretty good, and a little like chocolate. But it’s not an overwhelming scent, so those who prefer unscented would probably be okay with this. Since Thanaka contains vitamin E it works as moisturize and protect skin from antioxidants while doing its job as sunscreen. It was made for outdoor lovers and active people, so it will stay on while playing in the water and woods.

Because Thanaka grows very fast and is easily replenished, it serves as a environmentally friendly solution to mined minerals. MANDA uses all natural and organic food grade ingredients that are safe for us and safe for reefs, etc. This product is not Certified Organic though, which is something I like to see on my body products as much as my food. Still, I think this is a great alternative to toxic mainstream brands. It comes in a cool container that looks like a small wooden jar (no plastic) and the 15-gram size is appropriate for travel. Find it HERE.

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  1. Thanks for writing about MANDA! Thanaka is a truly amazing ingredient for so many reasons!