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Nemo Fillo HQ Neck Pillow

Nemo Filo HQ PIllow

Here is something new on the travel pillow front: the Nemo Fillo HQ. ¬†This is a no-muss, no-fuss neck pillow. There’s no inflation. You just unwrap it and fit it around your neck, then fasten it shut via a sort of velcro closure. But it’s not the old kind of velcro–the kind that gets all caught up in your hair and makes that noise. This is smooth and quiet.

nemo neck pillow fillo hq


Rolled up, it’s about the size of half a Nalgene bottle. The microsuede polyester fabric is machine washable. It comes in a pretty striped burgundy-Purple color, and Shale Gray. ¬†Find it HERE.