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BeOn Home Smart Light Bulb System

beon homeI am a big fan of blue tooth light bulbs. They offer convenience and security. You can turn your lights on and off from your phone, from another location and appear home when you are not. The focal point of the BeOn Home light bulb system is home security. This bulb is smart enough to learn your habits and then continue your lighting patterns when you are on vacation. You just click “Away” on your smartphone, and the bulbs mimic your behavior. This way people will think you’re home when you’re in Hawaii enjoying a Mai Tai on the beach. beon bulb The bulbs also integrate with your doorbell, coming on when it rings, and your alarm system, coming on for fires and break-ins. Interestingly, you cannot program the bulbs yourself, there is no option for putting the bulbs on a timer, to go on and off at specific times. For me, this is not a big deal since the Away feature does that for me and I have no need for the bulbs to be on a timer. I love that I can turn my son’s bedside table lamp off from my own bed at night. My favorite feature is the ability to work during power outages. See that yellow center? That is a rechargeable battery that charges while the light is on. These bulbs come on when your power goes off. Isn’t that wonderful? I hate being without power, especially when there’s an outage in the middle of the night. This is a wonderful solution to that.

BeOn plans to add other features over time, so I’m excited to see what they come up with. At the moment, the bulbs do not integrate with other smart features at home, but I have a feeling this will change. You can get started with the BeOn Home Starter Pack which contains three light bulbs and modules. You just pop the yellow modules in the bulbs, put them in lamps and download the app. The whole thing is up and running in about 10 minutes. It’s straight forward and easy to use. The bulbs offer a whopping 22 years of light at 3 hours per day. Find out more on the BeOn Home website HERE or HERE through my Amazon affiliate link. *Affiliate links provide me with a small percentage of your purchase without costing you anything extra. This helps me pay for the cost of running the website, so thank you if you choose to use that link.