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Fredericks & Mae Playing Cards

fredericks and mae playing cards

We try not to leave the house much without a deck of cards. Trips, restaurants, waiting for a flight or train–all that is instantly more fun with cards. And it’s a great way to make new friends. People see the cards and often, they want to play too. Check out these beautiful Fredericks & Mae Playing Cards.

fredericks and mae playing cards 2

Aren’t they gorgeous? In person, they are brighter and bolder. They come in a black box embossed in metallic with Frederick’s & Mae’s cool stars and bullseye logo. As much as I love color, I have to say these are the most fabulous cards I’ve ever seen. They are not the sturdiest–I am a little protective over them because they are so nice. I tell my son, “be gentle” because I want them to last forever. Maybe I need a back up deck.

fredericks & mae playing cards3

These would be a great gift for travelers (and artists), and perfect for your carryon. If you love playing cards and you are visual like me–these are a must have. Get a little color-therapy while you play, why not? Find these awesome Fredericks & Mae Playing Cards HERE or HERE via my Amazon affiliate link. *Affiliate links provide me with a small percentage of your purchase without costing you anything extra. This helps me pay for the cost of running the website.