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HOKA ONE Challenger 2 Athletic Shoes

hoka one challenger 2

I think I just found my new favorite athletic shoe. I always say, the sole can’t be cushy enough for me, but check these out–they have uber CUSH. This is important to me because a while back I tore my knees up running five miles a day obsessively, probably in the wrong shoes, and even if I had injuries (it was stupid). It got so bad I could hardly climb stairs and I finally had to stop. My knees still aggravate me from time to time, so I’ve never tried to go back to that, and I know how much I love to run and if I start it will be hard to stop, not to mention knee surgery is expensive and inconvenient.

Hear me talking myself out of it? That’s because these shoes make me want to RUN. Certain shoes, when you put them on you just want to GO. But, they are just as good for walking. Street walking, trail walking–it works. And my feet have not been the slightest bit uncomfortable or sore since wearing these. There was no break-in time at all.

hoka one challenger 2 top

At 5’5, I also don’t mind the extra height. They are light weight and packable, and the bottom of the shoe offers beefy traction. The upper is breathable, and the shoe offers me just the right amount of arch support. They’re perfect for me. And if you love a ton of shock absorption, or have wonky knees, I encourage you to try these out–the second you put them on, you hear music. They fit perfectly in my normal size, so I think they run true. Find the HOKA ONE Challenger 2 HERE.