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KEEN Kids Newport Premium Sandals

keen kids  newport premium sandals

Keen Newport sandals are a summertime essential for kids. When we’re traveling during the summer, we often run into situations where closed toe shoes are required for horseback riding and other adventure activities. Yet, it’s summer and hot and you want that ventilation sandals offer. The Keen Kids Newport Premium are a luxe leather version of the original Newports, and they’re a little bit dressier, if you can call a rugged sandal “dressy.”


keen kids newport premium sandals 2


Keen Newports are a classic for a reason, they’re perfect for hiking, walking around a new city, cycling, climbing trees, and all the other stuff kids like to do. They are leather, so they are not ideal for the water, but they are water resistant, so a little H2O won’t hurt them. They’re heavy duty and built to last. Even a kid that is hard on their shoes will easily be able to make these last through the summer and into those first few weeks of school in August-September. Find the Keen Kid’s Newport sandals HERE.