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Toad & Co BFT Hoodie

Toad & Co Hoodie

I ¬†pretty much never head out on a trip without a hoodie in my bag. They’re essential on the plane, and useful throughout my trips. Something soft and cuddly, like this Toad & Co BFT Hoodie fits the bill perfectly.

toad&Co BFT hoodie


Made from soft organic cotton, it’s eco friendly and good for your skin. It’s also got a little more style going on than your average hoodie. The back comes down over your bum in a drop tail with side slits. They made it this way so you could wear it over a bathing suit.


toad&cobft hoodie from back


The neckline is a little different too. It’s a figure flattering fit, and I think this hoodie is a ¬†little more tailored than some other Toad & Co jackets I’ve tried, and more stylish than most hoodies. It’s not sloppy, it’s elegant for a hoodie and looks just as cute over a casual dress as it does with jeans and shorts. Find the Toad & Co BTF Hoodie HERE.