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Chaco Classic Z/X1 Sandal with ChacoGrip

chaco classic zx:1 cobalt swellChaco sandals are among my favorite shoes for summer travel. And each year they come out with new colors and patterns that make you want a new pair. Check out these new Cobalt Swell Chaco Classic Z/X1 Sandals. The soothing blue reminds me of water and it’s cooling and perfect for hot summer days. What I love about Chacos is that they work in a variety of situations. Wear them hiking, kayaking, biking, walking around a new city all day, and then out to dinner with a cute dress. Once they get wet, they need very little time before they’re dry again and ready to go.

This kind of versatility is how I keep my luggage light and usually stick to carry ons. The new models have ChacoGrip for even better outsole performance. Another thing I love is that they are super adjustable and you can customize the fit. I think the double strap is a little more dressy than the solid strap. They don’t come in half sizes, and with these I think it’s best to go down. Find the Chaco Classic Z/X1 Sandal HERE.