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Tea Forte Kati Single Cup Tea Brewing System

tea forte kati2Are you a tea drinker that appreciates some luxury on the go? Check out the Tea Forte Kati Single Cup Tea Brewing System. It’s a way to enjoy premium tea in a no-hassel portable manner that offers a beautiful presentation worthy of quality tea.

tea forte kati


All you do is put your loose tea in the stainless steel infuser, wait for it to steep and voila! You have a 12 ounce portable cup of tea to go. The lid will keep the tea warm longer and keep anything from falling into it. I am a tea person and drink tea nearly every day. I’m not a tea snob–I use tea bags all the time. but it’s so much better loose.

tea forte samplerAnd this is where it gets really easy. Tea forte offers individual packs of quality loose tea. You can get a box that contains a variety, like this Single Steeps box. I’ve been drinking these for about two weeks and they are excellent. I love making a cup at night before bed and keeping this on my bedside table. I have picked through and used the certified organic teas–they are not all organic which is my preference, but what I’ve had has been wonderful.

tea forte kati designsIt is surprisingly fun and exciting to browse the varieties and use the Kati method. It’s no muss-no fuss and I’m a big fan of that. Also, look at this beautiful cherry blossom design. There are many others to choose from. I think this makes a fabulous gift as well as a way to make road trips and hotel rooms (and work desks) more luxurious and homey. If they made a stainless steel version with those fun designs, I’d take it everywhere. Find the Tea Forte Kati CupĀ HERE.