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Astral AirBelt

ASTRAL_Airbelt_Front_web2Have you ever seen an airbelt? As in–kind of like a life jacket or PFD, but it’s in a belt form? Check out Astral’s Unisex Airbelt. This is a PFD for warm, calm water meant to be used by confident swimmers.




If you need it, you just tug on that yellow pull and the flotation pops out. There is a zip pocket to store your keys, credit card and id.  The Astral logo is reflective.




This is a great solution for people traveling who don’t have room for a full size PFD as it takes up little space in a carryon. It’s a sleek design for easy water paddling, and would also be a handy spare to keep ready to go in your rocket box. Find the Astral AirBelt HERE.