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High Sierra Modi Backpack

high sierra backpack

This is a great time of year to pick up back-to-school supplies that also serves as solid travel gear. Like grabbing a backpack perfect for school and travel, like this High Sierra Modi Backpack. I like this especially for the bright Can’t-Miss-It green. My son likes to ride his bike to school and I worry about safety. I worry a whole lot less with something like this which is probably more noticeable than blinkie lights, though there is a loop for a blinkie to double down on safety. In the winter when it is dark and rainy, I won’t worry that cars won’t see him walking.┬áReflective accents add even more visibility.

All this visibility transfers to airports. Strap this baby on your kid and there’s no way they won’t stay in plain sight. No one is likely to walk away with a backpack like this either, so beyond safety, it’s anti-theft. I would not want to have this pack in the bright green if I were in a city where I was trying to keep a low profile and blend in, which is pretty much how I like to travel. But for my child–I want him to be highly visible.

The pack is well made, has a handy outer zip pocket for things you need to get to right away as well as a padded pocket for laptops and tablets. The back is ventilated so it won’t get too hot. It comes in other colors and would be appropriate for adults too, making a great daypack. Find the High Sierra Modi Backpack HERE.