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Hydro Flask Food Flask

hydro flask jar

Have you seen the new Hyro Flask Food Flask jars? They are bright and colorful vacuum sealed jars, and they work to keep food hot or cold for about three hours.

With school right around the corner, this is the perfect time to stock up on some new Food Flasks to enjoy for the rest of the summer and for kiddos going back to school. They are ideal lunches containers for both school and work.

hydroflask jar

I like these for camping too. When I make something hot, say black beans and rice, I can put leftovers in a jar, and later after I’ve worked up an appetite–or my son who is usually starving again an hour after each meal–says “I’m hungry,” there’s something hot to eat without having to heat anything up or make another mess.


hydro flask food jar4


They also work great for cold things like fruit and pasta salad. If you are into eating healthy, these flasks are wonderful. You can control ingredients and always have something with you that works with your dietary preferences. For road trips, you can pop into a Whole Foods and load up, then have reliable storage to make it last through those stretches of road where all that’s available is gas station food.


hydro flask food jar2


The Hydro Flask Food Flask comes in two sizes. My preference is for the smaller size–it’s the perfect amount of food and it’s just the right size to hold in your hand and eat. But for sharing between two or more people, the bigger size is more practical, as long as you are transferring the contents to a plate or bowl. Otherwise I would go with two smaller ones. They come in fun colors like bright green, purple, blue and yummy mango. If you’re traveling or camping with kids, each one can have their own color so food doesn’t get mixed up. They come in plain stainless too, but I love the color. It also makes them easy to spot amidst other gear.

hydro-flask-food jar 18

This is one of my favorite brands for vacuum sealed food and drink portability. That double wall makes all the difference, and I like the aesthetic. I tend to reach for Hydro Flask more than my other bottles when I’m headed out the door. I trust Hydro Flask not to leak all over my stuff, and I know they work.  I find that if you acclimatize the flask before putting stuff in (run it under hot water for hot food, cold water for cold), the effects last longer. Find the Hydro Flask Food Flask HERE.