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Lander Cascade Power Bank 7800 MAH

lander power bank2

One thing I never leave home without is a power bank for my phone. I rely on my phone for everything–taking pictures, GPS, reading emails, texts, Instagram…Oh yeah, and phone calls. When I’m traveling I need it to be up and running non stop. I need to check into flights, boarding passes, to know if the train is late, if my room is ready, where my travel companions are, and I have to be able to take photos at a moments notice. I’m always amazed at how many times I need to pull a charger out, even when starting the day with a fully charged phone.

The hard part is to remember the cord–always check that you have that guys, because your power bank is useless without it. I can’t tell you how many times I remembered the bank but forgot the cord. But when you have them both in your bag, boy is it nice to plug in your phone at that moment when you need it most and see that red dying battery icon get life.

lander cascade power bankThe Lander Cascade arrives fully charged, which you know because of the blue indicator lights. I love the blue lights and also the reflective wrist strap. Lander is big on reflectivity, and they got my attention right away with this USB cable. Reflective stuff is easier to find in a pile of gear and especially around a camp site at night. I’m surprised more companies don’t add this feature and I think that Lander cord is the first and only USB cable I’ve ever seen with this feature. I get excited about these details, and for me, Lander’s aesthetic combined with function nails it.

The bank itself is coated with a smooth rubber that is pleasing to hold in your hand. The ridges add to the grip, so if you’re wearing gloves it’s easier to hang on to. Great looking charcoal grey and black make it look sleek and it comes in two smaller sizes.

It takes about four hours to charge the Cascade back up, and you get enough juice to charge your phone about two times. I’m using an iPhone 6+ and never completely drained the Cascade, though I was sure to recharge once I got back to my hotel room. Another great thing about this charger is it turns itself off when not in use or when it’s finished charging, saving reserves. Find the 7800 MAH Lander Cascade Power Bank HERE.