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Marmot Southridge Jacket

marmot southridge jacket

Need a jacket for fall? I’ve got a great one for you, the Marmot Southridge. I can’t believe how nice this is, and what a great value it is. In fact, as I’m writing this, it’s actually on sale on Marmot’s website. Snatch one up before they go back to full price or run out of them.

Here’s why I like it so much. Right off the bat, it’s great looking and flattering. I sized up because I like a baggy fit and so I could put some bulk under it. A fleece or one of my micro-down jackets will turn this into a winterized version. Traveling with layers ┬áis always a good idea. Especially with the whacky weather we have these days, you never know what you’re going to get. And it’s nice to be able to peel off layers when it gets too hot.

marmot southridge jacket2

We’ve had a hot, prolonged summer, but as it cools off and starts raining all the time (hello fellow Pacific Northwesterners), the Marmot Southridge will be my go-to jacket for the season and beyond. It’s so comfortable and versatile. The hood is adjustable, which is really nice on windy days when non-adjustable hoods just blow right off your head, and it’s great for when you’re riding your bike in the rain.

An outer zip pocket large enough to hold an iPhone 6+ is also handy on a bike. There’s also an inner zip pocket that will accommodate the phone and/or wallet. And of course there are zip hand pockets. Sleeves are adjustable and there is a velvety soft strip of material at the collar so it’s soft against your skin when you zip it up. Marmot’s proprietary MemBrain fabric is waterproof, breathable and pleasing to the touch. This jacket packs down compact and is perfect for when you just want to have that extra layer in your daypack just in case it rains.

Mine is sleek black which goes with everything and is generally my preferred color for travel. However, Marmot has the most gorgeous high frequency purples and blues, you’ve got some great color options. I hope this is one they keep bringing back because it’s a great jacket that’s rugged enough for the outdoors, but stylish enough for the city. Find the Marmot Southridge HERE.