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Stio Basin Duffel 92L


You know how, when you’re packing for a camping trip, it can be kind of tough to corral all your gear? The tent, sleeping bags, clothes, sleeping pads–what do you do with all that stuff? Here’s a solution. The Stio Basin Duffel 92L is cavernous and will hold a ton of gear. The heavy duty loops make it easy to strap to your roof rack.

Stio’s bags are heavy duty. They’re built to last forever. And they are great looking. Look at the charcoal grey magnet and bright green, sharp, right? I love the look. It’s striking and unique and there’s no way this is going to get confused with someone else’s bag, it totally stands out.

stio basin duffel

Function-wise, you can fit all but the kitchen sink in here. It’s huge. But I wouldn’t put super heavy stuff in the Basin Duffel. I’d keep it to things like sleeping bags, clothing, camp pads and tents. Lighter, bulky things. You could do hiking boots or ski boots too, but since it holds so much, it might be tempting to overload, and then it would get too heavy to comfortably carry.

It comes in two sizes, a 92L and 56L, and there is also the super cool Basin Tech Tote, and the three together make a beautiful set. Find the Stio Basin Duffel HERE.