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Switchmate Smart Lighting

switchmate app

Do you have a lighting solution for when you are away from home? A smart home system, or timers? Well here is the one of easiest things I’ve seen yet. The Switchmate. This little device could not be more simple to use. There is no installation and you can set your lights to go on and off at specified times, making it look like your home is occupied while you’re off traveling.


You just download the app and place the Switchmate over your existing light switch (specify whether the switch is toggle or rocker when ordering) and place it over your switch. It magnetically sticks and is ready to go right away. It could not be easier. And if you are someone (like me) who likes things to be as uncomplicated as possible, you will love this.


After you have it up and running, you can set the timer to go on and off at specific times, so when you are away, it looks like you’re home. Switchmate would also be handy for people with kids who like to fall asleep with the light on (you can turn it off from bed), or when you are pulling up to your house, turn on the lights before you even open the door. Note that this does not require wifi. Find the Switchmate HERE.