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IKON Tracking Device

ikon purse

*** UPDATE***

The IKON Tracking Device did NOT last, I DO NOT recommend it. It was a great idea, but since it failed within a month, I cannot recommend it.


Do you misplace your stuff? Car keys? How about your Apple TV remote? Here’s a solution: the IKON Tracking Device. I need a whole bag of these things. You can put them on your keychain, your backpack or luggage, even your dog’s collar. Anything you want to keep track of, you simply attach the IKON and then you are able to find it with your phone.


Anything that will cut down on stress is a welcome relief. I’m pretty good at keeping track of my stuff, but what about when it’s not in my possession? This is awesome for people with kids. My son leaves a trail of stuff wherever we go. I love the idea of lo-jacking his backpack.

IKON luggage

You can put it on your luggage and can somewhat keep track of where your suitcases are while traveling. When you want to locate your bag, you just check the app and it will show you where it is, while the IKON puts out a beeping signal and flashes light so you can find it easily. It tracks within a distance of 70 meters.

One thing I find so hard to keep up with is our Apple TV remotes. I don’t know why they are so hard to keep up with, but they are, and here is a solution to that. I can think of a ton of stuff this would be great for in my own house, but probably the most important is keys. I lost a whole keychain of bike lock keys last year–which included keys to a rocket box and bike rack–it was a royal pain. The IKON would have saved me a lot of grief if I’d had one then.¬†Find out more about the IKON Tracking Device, which is part of an INDIEGOGO Campaign,¬†HERE.