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Lander Neve Lightning USB Cable 6-inch


When it comes to USB-lightning cords, it’s tough to find good ones that last. I’ve fallen in love with the Lander Neve cords because they are strong, reliable, and they have reflective material so they are easy to find. There is a 10-footer coming out soon and I can’t wait to get my hands on it. Long cords are handy. But so are extra short cords and here’s why.

I religiously carry a power bank, and that’s a great habit. But they only work if you remember the cord, and I can’t tell you how often I forget that part. This 6-inch lightning cable-USB cord is perfect for using with your charging sticks. It’s small and easy to tuck in a pouch with a charger, and that reflective red will help you spot it easily.

Look at the end. That rubber reinforcement makes the cord stronger, and it’s also extra comfortable to use. I know it’s a bit nerdy to get so excited about a cord, but after you use these you’ll understand. Find the Lander Neve Lightning USB Cable 6-Inch HERE.