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Nomad Leather Charging Wallet

Nomad Slim_Battery_WalletYou know that sinking feeling when you realize you are out of battery power on your iPhone and have an awesome photo opportunity? What’s worse for me is reaching that moment, feeling great that I have a power bank with me, but then realizing I don’t have the cord. I’ve done this so many times! I have no problem remembering the power stick, but I tend to forget the cord. The Nomad Leather Charging Wallet solves this problem, while simultaneously offering the added feature of being a wallet. A gorgeous wallet at that.

The Nomad Leather Charging Wallet feels good in your hand. Handcrafted and high quality, the wallet combines a classic look with modern technology. And what a great idea! The charging stick and cord, which are built into the wallet, are low profile. If you saw the wallet sitting on a table, you probably wouldn’t notice them. It’s not bulky.



nomad charging wallets

The battery is a 2400 mAh lithium ion battery that packs enough power to give your iPhone a healthy emergency charge offering an 80% charge for an iPhone 6+ and a full charge for an iPhone 6. Plenty to get those photos, make that call, or top off your battery level. The wallet has a two year warranty, so you don’t have to worry about the charging stick conking out on you any time soon.

Being partial to minimalist design, I love this wallet. I like to carry the bare minimum, so this is perfect for my drivers license, a bit of cash (I carry very little if any) and credit cards. It’s the perfect size to fit in my pocket and toss in my handlebar bag on my bike. It’s wonderful for travel–you’ll never forget your charging stick because you never forget your money and id. I love this beautiful wallet and I hope Nomad one day creates a zip pouch version that will hold the phone too (different concept, but it would be nice if it’s anything like this).¬†Find the Nomad Leather Charging Wallet HERE.