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Topeak TrolleyTote Folding Basket

topeak trolley

The Topeak TrolleyTote Folding Basket is a great solution for people who like to make their grocery store runs via bike. And if you are taking your bike on a road trip, this is easy to stow away as a bike basket because it folds down compact and packable.

topeak explorer rack

You need a rack like this Topeak Explorer Rack (Topeak has a few options that will work, depending on your bike). It’s part of the MTX series so it must be a Topeak rack with the QuickTrack. It’s easy to install, you just attach the rack via screws in holes that already exist on your bike. Those two metal rods attach under your seat and it’s a solid fit that is capable of holding some weight. This rack is made for the TrolleyTote to slide right onto the QuickTrack ¬†which is also compatible with other items from the Topeak MTX series. It’s easy as can be.

topeak foldig trolley compact


The TrolleyTote Folding Basket collapses nice and compact for easy storage in the house, or at work. A telescoping handle pops up just like a suitcase. Wheels roll with ease. I would not recommend this for use on trails (it’s not meant for that anyway), but on pavement and smooth surfaces it works as you would expect and rolls right along.


This is perfect for the Farmers’ Market, you can use it like a shopping cart. You can use it to carry stuff to the beach or pool. It’s great for hauling small loads, and just having the capacity to turn your bike into something that can be used to transport stuff is handy. I like it for camping trips, road trips and use at home. Find the Topeak Trolley Tote Folding Basket HERE.