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Ursa Major Blue Ridge Travel Kit

ursa major travel kit

Do you like natural body care? The Ursa Major Blue Ridge Travel Kit is loaded with delicious smelling goodies for your next trip. I am not someone that uses a lot of body products, just the bare minimum. But I have soft spot for body care that uses essential oils and natural, organic ingredients, and the stuff in this kit makes me feel like I’m at a spa. I always travel with my own toiletries because nine times out of ten, I can’ t use the amenities offered in hotels because they are too perfumey and full of chemicals that I don’t want on my skin. The Ursa Major Blue Ridge Travel Kit is ideal for people like me, who like to use more pure products.

The Essential Face Wipes are wonderful. I always have wipes with me when I travel, I’m a mom and it’s just a great idea in general. They are a must for traveling, camping, and everyday use. I keep them in my handlebar bag on my bike, my in-flight amenity kit, my purse, daypack, etc. Ursa Major’s wipes are the nicest I’ve ever tried. They smell amazing with orange, fir and lavender oil and are made to be extra gentle on your face. I never want to be without these again.

The Face Wash and Tonic also smell great. The Tonic is a 4-in-1 that cleanses, exfoliates, heals, and hydrates. You spritz or apply with cotton balls. It’s a nice refresher for the face and I love the multi-purpose factor. ¬†I used the face wash as shower gel too and it worked fine. I also like it for when I just need a pick-me-up at home. Rosemary and lemon essential oils make me feel alert and refreshed while the faint smell of cedar soothes. I love a masculine woodsy scent. When you have been traveling all day and need to reboot before dinner or a meeting, this is perfect.

Finally, the Fortifying Face Balm¬†contains soothing and hydrating ingredients like willow bark extract, aloe, and carrot. This one had slightly too much fragrance for me (I’m ultra sensitive to smell though), but think this would be a great product to apply in the winter to soothe wind chapped skin, and when traveling to dry, sunny climates.

The pouch it comes in is made by United By Blue and has a nice wave-like pattern. This would be a great gift item for travelers. It’s gender neutral and would be nice for both men and women. Everything is TSA friendly and perfect to keep in your personal item bag on the plane for in-flight comfort. Find the Ursa Major Blue Ridge Travel Kit HERE.