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Bear Paw Rosie Boots

bear paw rosie boot brown

Ever since I discovered Bear Paw shearling boots, I’ve wondered how I got through previous winters without them. Look at these Bear Paw Rosie Boots. They are so cozy and comfortable, and they keep my freezing cold feet toasty warm. They are the footwear version of comfort food, and the second I put them on I feel great and well prepared for cold weather. They’re perfect for this time of year because they are short and not too hot. Get them now, and they will see you through winter.

bear paw rosie boot

That opening with the button is not only super cute, but makes them easy to slip on and off. If you want to wear them to the airport, you’ll have no trouble slipping them on and off to go through security.┬áThe Rosie, I found, runs a bit shorter than my other Bear Paws and I needed to size up from a 9 to 10. I love them so much, they might be my favorites so far. Bear Paw Boots are more affordable than other shearling boot brands out there, and I find the quality to be every bit as good. These come in several different colors, I really love the sleek black with black lining. Find the Bear Paw Rosie Boots HERE.